MC-Tar 100
Wasser combined moisture-cure urethane technology, micaceous iron oxide, and refined tar resin to produce a superior corrosion resistant coating. MC-Tar 100 has proven performance in severe exposure, and is recommended for application on various substrates for immersion, atmospheric, and buried environments. It has the ability to provide outstanding barrier protection in one-coat or multi-coat systems.

MC-Ballastcoat 100
Engineered for performance in the harsh environment of marine vessel ballast tanks, MC-BallastCoat has become a recommended topcoat for application on various marine, immersion service or interior surface coating projects. It has the advantage of superior corrosion resistance, hard-film cure, and light coloring pigments for easy surface inspection and maintenance.

MC-TruGrip 100 / MC-TruGrip Micro 100
MC-TruGrip 100 is a single component anti-slip coating with glass aggregate in the material to give excellent resistance to slippage. Its unique moisture cure urethane properties provide a strong surface for harsh environments. MC-TruGrip is designed for single coat applications over recommended primers on a variety of surfaces.

MC-Antigraffiti 100
MC-Antigraffiti 100 is Wasser’s single component, low VOC, non-sacrificial, moisture-cure, aliphatic urethane topcoat. It is an ideal topcoat meeting ASTM D-6578 for graffiti resistance on concrete, metal or all surfaces that require superior UV protection, excellent chemical resistance, and easy removal of graffiti, inside or out.
MC-Clear 100
MC-Clear 100 is Wasser’s clear, semi gloss and gloss-finishes, aesthetic topcoat. They provide excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion in a moisture cure urethane coating. This topcoat selection has reliable, aliphatic urethane topcoat performance and its moisture cure properties allow for application in various service environments, on various project types, or substrates.

MC-Metallization Sealer
MC-Metallization Sealer is Wasser’s clear and high gloss aesthetic topcoat. It provides excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion in a moisture-cure urethane coating.

PURQuik - Accelerator
MC-PURQuik® is a 100% solids proprietary additive formulated to accelerate the curing process of any Wasser Moisture Cure Urethane coating. This unique additive reduces recoat and overcoat times up to 80% and effectively reduces completion times even in temperature as low as 10°F (-12°C).
MC-Thinner/MC-Thinner 100/MC-Thinner XMT
MC-Thinner/MC-Thinner 100/MC-Thinner XMT