MC- Zinc 100
Wasser’s proven, high-performance, single-component, moisture-cure urethane, organic zinc-rich primer is now formulated to meet the strict VOC requirements for industrial maintenance coatings. 83% zinc in the dry film makes MC-Zinc 100 the optimum, zinc-rich primer.

MC-Miozinc 100
MC-Miozinc 100 meets strict VOC specifications for industrial maintenance coatings. The combination of zinc and micaceous iron oxide (MIO) pigments makes this primer is ideal for protecting pitted steel or steel with complex geometry.

MC-Prepbond 100
MC-Prepbond is Wasser’s universal, moisture-cure urethane primer for ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. It is ideal for use as a tie coat over most existing coatings and can be used in red lead encapsulation systems.

MC-Universal 100
MC-Universal is non-metallic (DTM) high-build primer, ideal for protecting non-ferrous metal, pitted steel or steel with complex geometry. The Low environmental impact, and it’s ability to provide excellent corrosion protection in a non-metallic metal primer, make this the primer of choice in maintenance painting for plants and other facilities.