Wasser Polyflex 301
Polyflex 301 is a high performance polyurea coating/lining for steel and concrete tanks as well as steel, concrete and ductile iron pipes. Polyflex 301 offers superior service life in a variety of climatic conditions for waterproofing, chemical services or general industrial applications.

Wasser Polyflex 201 PW
Wasser Polyflex 201 PW is a NSF listed high performance polyurea coating/lining for both steel and concrete tanks. Polyflex 201 PW offers superior service lif in a variety of climatic conditions for potable water or chemical service.

Wasser Polyflex 202 High Chem
Wasser Polyflex 202 High Chem is a high performance polyurea coating/lining formulated to perform well in chemical exposures typically reserved for novalac epoxy. The product's balance of hardness and flexibility provide excellent long-term durability.

Wasser Polyflex 204
Polyflex 204 is a high performance membrane of Polyurea. It provides excellent insulation and is resistant to a variety of chemical products. It can be used in a wide range of climatic conditions while continuing to offer excellent durability. Applications are done primarily by brush and roller.

Wasser Polyflex 401 Polar Serve
Wasser Polyflex 401 is a high performance polyurea membrane that provides excellent abrasion and shock absorption in conditions where most other Polyurea products fail. Polyflex 401 maintains flexibility and provides excellent protection even in extreme cold conditions.

Wasser Polyflex 102 Rapid Thane
Wasser Polyflex 102 Rapid Thane Polyaspartic is a two-component, high-build aliphatic topcoat. Designed for use over one of Wasser's MCU primers, this product is a part of a revolutionary rapid deployment system that saves both time and money.

Wasser Polyflex 111 PU Primer
Polyflex 111 PU Primer is a two-component, 100% solids, polyurethane primer used in conjunction with the Polyflex line of high performance waterproofing membranes. It can be used as an elastomeric primer for concrete as well as steel.

Wasser Polyflex 311 Membrane
Polyflex 311 is a high performance polyurea coating for steel, concrete and geotextile liners. Polyflex 311 is designed with an extended gel time for better leveling and high abrasion resistance for demanding industrial applications. Polyflex 311 impermeable membrane has been designed for use as part of a comprehensive Bridge Deck waterproofing system. Since it provides for less shrinkage and improved elongation it is an ideal choice for secondary containment.

Wasser Polyflex 411 ShearCoat
Polyflex 411 is a high performance, slow setting polyurea waterproofing membrane. The slower gel time allows aggregate to be broadcast into the membrane before initial set. Polyflex 411 ShearCoat is part of a comprehensive bridge deck waterproofing system typically used on heavy highway projects. It can also be used for general industrial applications where abrasion resistance and waterproofing is needed.